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Data Outage Advisory

We at Tension Design are in the unfortunate position of having to readjust the landscape of our business due to circumstances which are far out of our control. The hosting service in Northern California we had been using for years has had a catastrophic data failure which is going to affect us for months to come. We would rather be sincere and upfront with our clients as to what’s going on with extreme apologies.

The facts are Tension Design paid for a service with inMotion Hosting which included full backups. As of this writing, the firm has yet to release any details in connection with the failure other than to say it was weather related. All files have been down for more than a week, and the company will not respond to emails or any other communication in a timely manner.

We were also told all of our backups, which we pay for are also corrupt. That data includes all of our client files which cannot be restored. As a tech company, we understand things do happen. We do not understand, however, why backups we pay for are unusable. Those are meant to be a failsafe incase of initial problems. We find this to be an unacceptable way to do business.

What you’re probably wondering is how does this affect our relationship? The fact is all Tension Design clients will be affected, but we hope to retain your business.

If you are an existing client and your site is still up and running, that will not change. However, our ability to do updates will be limited due to manpower. Tension Design is in the unfortunate position of having to rebuild everything inMotion Hosting lost.

If you have recently signed on with us in the last 30 days, it will affect scheduling. There may be delays in deliverable product, and all contract and milestone dates will have to be altered. Again, we apologize for the circumstances.

As a small boutique digital agency, this loss has been nothing short of catastrophic to our success. We’re working to power through the circumstances and hope our clients and colleagues will have understanding.

Please view the email we received from their support department.

inMotion Hosting

Currently, Tension Design is relocating to a new host.

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