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DYME Group

Client Review

“Tension Design was absolutely fantastic to work with! They took my vision and made it a reality. I love everything about the new site and so do my clients. Tension Design is FIRST in their industry and it shows! Thank you guys.”

Scott Franchini - President, DYME Group

Consulting Group web development
Arizona Consulting Company Website Design

Arizona Consulting Company Website Design

The Dyme Group specializes in value-based consulting solutions. They help you plan your investment in support of your organization’s strategic and operational objectives. Their passion is to help you bridge the gap between people, process, and technology by offering our specialized skillsets in software services, project management, and business process management. At the Dyme Group they strive to efficiently plan, execute, and deliver high-quality solutions to help you build an infrastructure to streamline operations, increase market value, and support future productivity and growth.

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The Task

To provide DYME Group with a modern consulting solution based website highlighting their four major service areas: JD Edwards Consulting, Project Management, Business Process Management and IT Consulting. Another critical factor was the need for a listing of current National Employment Opportunities with a small filterable application process.

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Business Process Website Design
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The Results

DYME Group was thrilled we met all of their expectations and published the site ahead of the deadline and on budget. The UX / UI took into account the four major service areas published on the home page and in the drop down navigation. A Digital Insight Strategy was put together with excellent copy and organic search engine optimization efforts. The National job listings has been a success by using a short pre-application form instead of the traditional long form.

We want our clients to stand out from the crowd, not just fit in. Our door is always open to new projects and collaborations. We’d love to hear from you!
DYME Group Website

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View Live Website

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